Honouring Loss

Funerals and memorials

A final farewell should be as wonderfully unique as the life being acknowledged

Whether you are looking for the simplicity of a conventional funeral service, or a bespoke ceremony to honour the passing of a loved one.

Fortunately most people will only have to arrange a funeral on a couple of occasions in their lifetime.  But sadly because these events are not often ‘talked about’ many people believe that they are limited to the conventional ceremonies they may have attended in the past.

But it needn’t be that way – a funeral service can be anything you want it to be.

We are able to support you in creating a farewell that is totally representative to the person that has died, offering a final celebration of their lives and personality.

Did you know that a funeral service doesn’t even have to be held in a chapel or crematorium?  Imagine how fabulous it would be to have your friends gather at a venue that has played an important role in your life – perhaps your sports club, local theatre, village hall?  Your guests could join to celebrate your life with a personally crafted ceremony that leads straight into your ‘wake’.

At a point to suit you the funeral director can transport the casket to a burial site or crematorium.  This can be done with or without family / friends in attendance.  It is becoming more usual for a ceremony to be available for anyone to join, whilst only a few select family members accompany the casket to the cemetery or crematorium for a brief and intimate commitment service. 


Thank you for your enduring support during one of the most painful points in our lives. The ceremony was perfectly uplifting and respectful in equal measures.

Cost £220

If you are using a funeral director this charge will be taken care of by them