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The popularity of a celebrant service is increasing as couples look for a ceremony with no rules.

Traditionally, a naming ceremony is held to celebrate the arrival of a child into a family. Many families wish to avoid a religious ‘christening’ or ‘baptism’ – and yet they would love to celebrate the birth of a new baby with their friends and family.   Your baby can still have their ‘special day’ and be introduced to the world publicly, whilst you all gather together for a day of fun and laughter.

Instead of ‘god parents’ you can appoint chosen ‘guide parents’ that will make promises to help you raise your children and to always be there for them.  A  service can be as simple or as complex as you wish, and there are a number of elements that you may want to include – some (or even all!) of the suggestions below might be incorporated…

Welcome a few words to thank those that have attended and an explanation of what a naming ceremony is.

Introduction to the child(ren) to be involved, with special mention of their individual journeys so far, their personalities and what makes them so unique.

Reading/poem by either celebrant or a chosen friend/family member.  Perhaps something to reflect your spiritual beliefs or family ethos.

Speech from either celebrant, one of the parents or an older sibling to welcome the new child into the family.

Symbolic Ritual many families like to include all or some of the guests to join them in a ritual such as planting a tree, lighting candles, balloon releases, pebble or sand ceremonies, ribbon ties, group hand-fasting  – the list goes on…

Welcome to the guide parents with them each making individual promises or alternatively a group response to the dedications read by the celebrant.

Further readings This could be a favourite quote or chapter from a book.

Music often forms an important part of the day for many families and can be incorporated within the service or just played in the background at any time.

Reflection and close as your celebrant helps to bring your service to a beautiful end.

Don’t worry if you are short of ideas – we have a vast range of readings, poems and rituals that we can share with you in order to make sure the day is perfectly suited to you.

Welcoming older children into your home and relationships

A naming ceremony can be easily adjusted to welcome any person into your world! You may have adopted a child, or perhaps you wish to welcome step children as a couple and show them your commitment to them as well as to each other.

Re-naming celebrations following gender reassignment

A Re-naming ceremony is an incredibly empowering celebration following gender reassignment, during which extended friends and family can be asked to acknowledge the end of a personal journey - as well as honouring the beginnings of a new life. As an adult you will be able to help us build a totally personalised service that reflects everything you wish to portray. You may want the opportunity to share your hopes and dreams with your guests, helping them to celebrate and appreciate your experiences as well as your renewal.

Sarah made us feel so at ease as she talked with us about family, hobbies and friends. Then she included all of this information into a perfect wedding format.

Adam and Kirsty

The best naming service EVER!! It incorporated our three children and blended into a family commitment service that included us all.

Chris Halliwell

Fun, reflective and emotional all at the same time. Instead of making promises to a religion we didn't believe in, we made promises to each other, our children and those around us. It really felt like it meant something.

Sophie Ledder